Monday Morning – Re-posted

So here it is, Monday morning and I have just run my numbers (for the umpteenth time) for a 10yr forecast to see if I can bring the cost of my processing fee from $20 to $10.  The only way it works is if I don’t offer the $5.00 referral fee.  I even tried to feed the previous month’s profit back into the current month’s income but I still end up with negatives at the end.  So some updating is going to be done but from now on the $35 special will be ongoing.  What I can do is drop the $10 processing fee for this month and maybe a bit longer if I get quite a few signing up.

What am I doing?  Well I love WordPress and have gotten pretty handy with it.  I have hosting capabilities and I need a job.  So I am running a WordPress Blog/Site Hosting service and you will get your money’s worth.  I will install WordPress for you and install Plugins for you as well (can be easily deleted later).  For $25 you will get this, a Domain Name registered and hosting for a year.  This is my March Madness special.

Look forward to helping you get online.


Learn as you go, that is what I am doing.  Please be patient.