Why do you need hosting?

Maybe need is a strong word but when you decide to get a own domain name, it makes the blog/site attached to it more yours.  There are tons of free blog/website providers out there and I am sure that many are operating in the same manner as I am (at least I like to think that).  When you do decide to pay for a provider, it becomes more real and you pay more attention to keeping your blog/site up to date.  Other perks are your own email addresses and cPanel for more control over how your blog/site operates. 

I now only use WordPress and I am no expert but have worked with it to create my sites for a few years now and it has never let me down.

 I want others to work with WordPress and will give as much help as I can even if it just pointing you in the right direction.  The hosting services are paid yearly along with the Domain name registration, only $27.00, one payment each year and that's it.  There is an one-time processing fee of $10.00, I do need to earn a little money as I just can't work for free.  There will be a Question/Answer page and all relevant inquiries will be posted if not already there.  There will also be video tutorial page which I have personally viewed and feel that are the most helpful.  There are no other fees with me unless you have high bandwidth in which case I would contact you and let you beforehand.  Try WordPress for free and once you feel like growing, don't hesitate to contact me.


Learn as you go, that is what I am doing.  Please be patient.