What is a cPanel anyways?

First we will have a look at the cPanel home page (see below).


So the first section is "Preferences".  There is "Getting Started Wizard", it's pretty helpful so I suggest taking some time to go through it.  Also check out the "Video Tutorials", hey get as much help as you can.  When I create your account you will get a  password to sign in to your cPanel, this can be changed here.  You can change the look and the language of your cPanel as well as create Shortcuts.  Everything in this section has a "Video Tutorial" at the top of the page to help you along.



The next section is all about your email.  I have only been in the "Email Accounts" and "Forwarders" areas.  I will make it my mission to go through the cPanel bit by bit and provide help where I can.  Setting up your accounts is really easy as is the Forwarding.




Now you have your File Control section.  This is where you can access all of your files related to your WordPress site.  If you are handy with code, you can really fine tune how your site looks and operates.




The next section is where you find your logs or reports on things such as Visitors, Bandwidth and Errors.  To perfectly honest, I haven't used this section very often.



Security, security, security - that is what the following section is about. 


Want to add a Domain or sub-Domain, this next section is all about that.  You wouldn't venture here if you only have one Domain name, but it doesn't mean you can't check it out.


The next section is your Database control.  I must confess I know very little about databases so again I have not checked this section out, haven't had the need to.



Software and services is your next section, you will see that there is an icon called "Fantastico F3" - this is where you go to install WordPress or other CMS that you would prefer.  I will install WordPress for you if you choose to host with me.



The next section is for advanced users only, even I haven't ventured in this area.  For a full glossary on cPanel, click here.